Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beginners Italian & As Always, Julia

My favorite New Years Goal was to learn the Italian Language.  I purchase "Italian for Dummies" and a few other beginners products.  I have been able to comprehend the easiest of the starters.  (io, tu, lui, lei, noi, voi, loro, as well as...caio, salve, buon giorno, buon sera, buona notte, arriverderla, adopo, apresto, adomani, afrapoco...and the basics...come stai, sto bene, molto bene grazie.)
I am very excited, but the downfall to this is that I need to speak it to remember it.  So, me and Alexis will have to carry on full conversations in Italian to keep it all fresh.  My ultimate goal is to spend some time in Italy.  If only I could be Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love.  Right?

Tonight I have begun another chapter in my "new year - new me" goals.
I began reading "As Always, Julia", Julia Childs bio.
This book is a copulation of letters wrote between Julia Child and Avis Devoto.  It tells the story of Julia Child and all her endeavors.  I am really interested in her as well as learning to cook some of her most favorite dishes.  Alexis and I, have decided to read this bio and start cooking from her cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".  We are gonna do this together as a team.  A sisterly bonding time for us.  Yay! So, as of today, its Julia Child Experiment time.  LoL.  First we read all about her, soaking up as much of her hilarious charisma as we can, than leading on to cooking her crazy, delicacy type dishes.  Yes, we are gonna try the most famous... Beef Bourguignon & Veal a la Cream.  So, keep posted to see how it goes.
xoxo Stephanie

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  1. This is cool Stephanie since I hardly ever see you except of course at the book store. It's great that you are learning Italian and plan to visit Italy someday. I can tell you that having been to Italy three times, it is my favorite country. Three most important things to learn to say: how much, where is the bathroom and for me it was no mushrooms. Oh and there is no pepperoni pizza in Italy. It's ham lol.